Blogs I love

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When I started this blog, I imagined it to be a place where I could share not only a ton of recipes, but also other things I love. Before starting this blog, I already read a lot of other blogs, many about food, and some other blogs about the many beautiful things in life, besides food. I’d love to share some of the blogs I love, and I hope they’ll inspire you as much they inspire me.

The first in line is Mimi Thorisson’s blog called Manger. I’ve been following her blog, and at the same time the story of her life, for quite a while now and her style (in the broadest sense of the word) is simply mesmerizing. After living the fashion, media & television kind of life, moving from Hong Kong to Paris, and traveling the rest of the world, she and her husband, almost seven children and 14 dogs are currently living in Médoc (la France), where she’s been doing a lot of cooking. What I love so much about her blog is her style of writing, her husband’s style of photography and the amazing recipes she shares with her readership. To me, her recipes are always surprising, and a joy to read. Let alone following her recipes and enjoying the dishes, which are – most of the time – quite easy to prepare and contain the richest ingredients, which combine perfectly. I’d suggest you take a look yourself.

Manger by Mimi Thorisson

A second blog related to food is Eat Me!, founded by the Ukrainian Aleksandra. She describes her blog as a culinary journal, “where you can find simple recipes to relish every day and on special occasions flavored with my inspirations and personal stories”. On Eat Me!, Aleksandra shares a wide range of vegetarian recipes, from potato tart tatin for dinner, to pistachio bonbons as a snack and a pumpkin smoothie for breakfast. Most of the recipes she shares contain a classic combination of flavors, making sure that every single recipe is a winner. 

Eat Me! Blog by Aleksandra

Lastly, if you are more interested in the non-food blogs, I highly recommend you visiting Victoria’s blog Oh So Pretty. On her blog, which she sees as her creative outlet, she shares everything she loves, all tagged as being design, style, inspire, loving or life. This means you’ll not only find her favorite designers, but also her own designs for blog make-overs, and her favorite Etsy stores, DIY ideas, and all kinds of other inspirational posts.


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