Liebster Award & Two-ingredient Energy Bars

Today is a very happy day because Pimpante has won a Liebster Award, which is a prize given by bloggers to other bloggers, to show their appreciation and encouragement. I was granted this award by the Diane of the amazing blog Cuisine de Clementine, thank you again! Part of the deal is answering ten questions about cooking, food and blogging, so here we go (I’m saving the recipe for later, keep reading!)


1. I most enjoy cooking for…?
Small groups of friends and family.  And the Mr.

2. What do you like best about blogging?
I like to show others how easy it is to cook and bake delicious, healthy food.

3. What do you make when you don’t feel like cooking at all?
Several dishes, actually. When I’m alone and I don’t feel like cooking I tend to make a couscous dish with onion, carrot and raisins and I buy some falafel at my local North African shop. When I’m with others, and I don’t want to be in the kitchen for  a long time I make a dish with rice, shrimps, red bell pepper, pak-choi cabbage and chili.

4. Rice or spaghetti?
Rice, because the oriental cuisine is – mostly – lactose free and that’s just right for me.

5. Your favorite desert?
I only make desert when I have guests. On ‘normal’ days I love to have some dark 72% cacao chocolate for desert.

6. What do you like to do, besides blogging?
Does this include baking and cooking? That’s what I really like to do. I also like  to do some crafting every now and then.

7. What is your biggest kitchen-related failure?
Cheese crackers. Loved the idea but they were wayyy too dry, nothing was good about them.

8. Which ingredients do you always have in your stock?
This is a huge list…: chickpeas (cooked), dates, shredded coconut, almonds, hummus, soy milk, rolled oats, cucumber, carrots, and the list goes on and on…!

9. Which well-known chef inspires you?
Mimi Thorisson of the most amazing foodblog ever called Manger. I love everything about her blog. Her recipes are amazing, very diverse and her sense for taste combinations is just incredible.

10. What is your advice for those who say they cannot cook?
I advice them to keep it simple. I think simplicity is the key. Another advice is to buy a cookbook that appeals to you and follow its recipe step by step.

Now I am also expected to nominate another blogger for the Liebster Award and this time it’ll be Eloise, who just started writing about “food that will give you endless energy to live the best life you possibly can” on her blog Eat Like Eloise. Just like me, she loves to demonstrate how easy it is to eat healthy, which is exactly why I like her blog so much and why I nominate her.

Alright, it’s recipe time now. Lately I’ve seen Lärabars appear everywhere on the internet, which made me curious. I love the fact that their core ingredients are just fruits and nuts, and from time to time they add a little chocolate (dairy free chocolate actually, which makes them vegan, too!). However, they are not available in my country, so I decided to make them (the easiest variant of course)  myself.


20140417-DSC_0034 20140417-DSC_0058

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED (yields 6 bars)
– 100 gr raw cashew nuts
– 100 gr fresh medjool dates (pitted)

– food processor
– sheet of baking paper, folded
– cookie cutter

1. Put the cashew nuts in the food processor and process until you have small grains (for me it was less than 15 seconds).

2. Throw in the pitted dates and  process again. It will still be rather loose.

3. Put the mixture on the sheet of baking paper to make a dough.

4. Use the cookie cutter to make the bars.

Energy bars dates and cashews20140417-DSC_005520140417-DSC_0073


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