Unsulphured dried fruits

Dried fruits

Like many, I really enjoy dried fruit as a snack. I always have raisins, as well as goji berries. Recently, dried apricots were added to my standard assortment, after my dad gave me some to try. His advice: “make sure you buy the unsulphured ones!” I wondered what the difference between sulphured and unsulphured dried fruits might be, and if one would be healthier than the other. Before I walked to the store to buy my snack, I started a little research on google. I’d like to share my findings with you!

First of all, ‘they’ say unsulphured apricots taste much better. They might not look like they taste better, because they turn brown without being sulphered. However, after comparing the two, I can confirm that the unsulphered, brownish apricots really are more delicious than the traditional, orange/yellow ones.

Being unsulphured means that the apricots are not processed, like the sulphured ones, which merely happens to extend the storage life and to maintain the pretty color. Some argue that the sulphur (also known as E220) is not harmless; it is said to reduce vitamin levels in food; it is linked to breathing problems for asthmatic patients; and some say it causes gastrointestinal problems (dutch source, english source).

If you have checked the sources, you may have noticed that these aren’t the most reliable ones. However, I do think that unsulphered fruits are the better option,  if only because of the taste!

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